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Traditional to Modern Indonesian Furniture

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Home living furniture has evolved to a point where you can easily find hundred and more of style and design, whether in classic or modern line of design. Indonesian furniture has been through long history, especially for carving furniture. Wood is typical material for Indonesian furniture. Teak and mahogany are two of popular wood materials from Indonesia. These wood materials are used mostly for home living furniture, whether for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Woodcarving is one of Indonesian typical furniture. It is made with detailed ornament and decoration, which not considered as furniture only but also a masterpiece. Jepara and Bali are popular for this type of furniture. Woodcarving and furniture from Jepara and Bali has been popular throughout the world.

Teak wood is common wood used as the material for this type of furniture. Teak is a genus of tropical hardwood trees. The wood is native to the south and southeast of Asia. The wood gives quality for all purposes, from building construction, boat decking, flooring as well as home living furniture. In Indonesia, teak wood growth is mostly concentrated in the island of Java and several small islands to the East Java. It is because the soil in Java island is the most suitable for teak wood growth. There are several teak plantations in Java, which can be found in Rembang, Blora, Grobogan and Pati. the finest quality of teak wood is produced in the limestone areas of Cepu in Blora Regency, Central Java.

Indonesian furniture now has been developed into wide ranges of style and design of furniture. Traditional and classic are not only the main products of furniture manufacturers. Many furniture manufacturers do some innovation and product development in order to accomplish all market demand and recent trends. Modern style furniture from Indonesia presents variety of Indonesia furniture.

Jepara Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer

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Jepara Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer the best representation of factory manufacturers. Jepara Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer exporter and supplier various teak products for outdoor and indoor purposes such as for bedroom, bathroom, patio, garden, dining room, kitchen, living room and aldo office. High quality armchair, armoire, bench, table, desk, bar stools, bed, teak lounge chair and still many other options.Visit our office, gallery and warehouse which located in Jepara City, Central Java of Indonesia.Jepara Furniture Manufacturer international exporter and supplier factory direct experts in Manufacturing and Exporting indoor Furniture. Teak Furniture Manufacturer excellence specialist reliable manufacturers as a leading producer company in Jepara Indonesia.Main based location at Jepara City, Central Java of Indonesia for all teak wood usage provides quality products and good service proudly committed to supply finest selections best price for wholesale. Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer factory that offers pretty design Teak Garden Furniture Indonesia Furniture and ideas for the new products from furniture makers in Jepara. Manufacturer and exporter for both low cost and great reputation as a full-line support to supply world demand. Indonesia furniture manufacturers and exporters with logistic of construction with fine antique classic upto contemporary design based on custom order for wholesale market. Rustic Wooden Garden Furniture Sets make and style absolutely stunning sustainable wood sourced from timber grown in Jepara Indonesia forests.Wooden Garden furniture garden table, benches and chairs stunningly designed handcrafted. Garden table and benches sets made of locally sourced Teak made up of rustic wood excellent collection Product Feature Finely crafted perfect to relax all furniture has been treated oil based wood preservative. Wood Classics Outdoor Teak Furniture premier of the trusted teak outdoor furniture company, constructed from high quality, fine, durable teak wood.Classic Teak types of hardwood outdoor patio and deck furniture of all types Grade A for Patio and Garden solid, strong and sophisticated sets that embody the casual elegance of its density and stability for all collection of varieties and styles. Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture supply indoor and outdoor/garden teak furniture products with huge range wholesale at cheap and discounted price applicable.Teak Furniture Jepara Furniture.

Indonesia makes gains

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JAKARTA, Indonesia – On a narrow piece of land outside the Ligna Furniture headquarters here, workers planted several rows of teak about five years ago. The trees, officials say, will take another few decades to reach full maturity.

Given the length of time, some older workers and management might not be around to see that happen. Instead, the company planted them primarily for aesthetic reasons for the next generation of Ligna workers and management who will carry the company forward.

Like other wood furniture manufacturers, Ligna is working hard to ensure the company’s success in the years and decades ahead. Yet it hasn’t been easy in a recessionary environment that has plagued the United States, its largest export market.

Since the financial crisis in 2008, sales to the U.S. market have fallen 45%-50%, according to Susilo Alexander Hadinoto, director. In early August, the plant was running at about 50% capacity. “It is still very soft out there,” he said. “I can see some light ahead, and some hope at the end of the tunnel, but it is a matter of how strong we are.”

To combat the downturn, the company is looking to do some OEM work and hospitality furniture. In August, it was working at a fast pace to complete its first hotel project.

“Hopefully that will help us fill up our capacity,” he said, adding that the company is still seeking the right OEM partners for residential furniture. Given the country’s large population and supply of plantation-grown hardwoods, he believes Indonesia is well positioned to capture future growth. But he admits there are challenges too. For one, he doesn’t believe the infrastructure is as good as in China.

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